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SATURDAY - MT KARIOI CLIMB SUPPORTING A ROCHA Environmental Group. (Thanks to Kristel van Houte, National Director of A Rocha for facilitating this venture)

Cars departed from different locations – east & west Auckland at 7am, meeting at Huntly McDonald’s for a welcome breakfast and coffee break. Heading South on SH22 through Waingaro, SH 21, Te Mata Rd, we reached the end of Karioi Rd just after 9.30am.
Isabelle Lance – DoC member met us there, walked with us 40 min over farmland to the edge of the bush where she instructed us in openingthe pest traps, releasing traps still set, rebaiting and resetting. She also instructed us in the use of the Murray and Barbara had joined the Karioi Project on the App and could track our position on the climb, as well as report on the status of each trap on our phones. (Options - Still set with bad bait / Sprung / relured /a rat removed…etc).

From there we set off with 2 teams, led by Murray Black and Paul Ungemuth. Teams checked alternate number traps, each 100m apart, as we climbed the mountain. Yellow markers helped us locate each trap. The track was quite steep, and particularly challenging near the summit where two ladders helped ascend the final slope. We encountered thick mist, so no view, and descended a short way back down thetrack to stop for lunch.

We re-baited 15 traps in all, completing the full set on the Wairake (inland) Track. Barbara was excited to re-visit the trap she had carried up the mountain some 14 years ago when members of ABTC participated in the laying of the first trapline on the mountain. There are now multiple traplines over the mountain! The descent seemed longer than expected – we had climbed much further than we had realised, actually 3.4km each way.

At the end of the day we drove over an hour south, skirting the Aotea Harbour, and arriving at Kawhia Beachscape Holiday Park where Motel units and comfortable cabins awaited us. We were advised that the Boat Club near the wharf served sit-down meals and we enjoyed an enjoyable chat and hearty servings!

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Breakfast for 15 was shared in the largest Motel Unit. Paul shared a devotion, he talked about the encouragement of having a song in our heart, then reading Psalm 139, which is always a great reminder of God’s love and wonderful knowledge of all the details of our lives.

We drove 7km to the Ocean Beach where the tide was well on its way out. A climb over sandhills took us to the wide open beach with great views. Some enjoyed a flat sandy walk towards the Harbour inlet. Others wading in the water, used our spades to dig for hot water, but it was hard to find, with the tide still a way to go out. We mostly found luke-warm pools, proving the hot water is not far away!

Travelling inland to Otorohonga, we enjoyed a café lunch before heading home to Auckland.

COSTS: Accommodation $55.00, Food $5.50, Equipment Levy $1.00, Transport $50.

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