Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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A small but dedicated team of five hiked through pine forest and then native bush along the Tuahu Track and North South Track to Te Rereatukahia Hut (11.5 km). There were three other hikers in the hut, and we all enjoyed a game of 500 together thanks to solar powered lights that we hung from the ceiling. Our return trip on the same tracks on Sunday was quicker as mainly downhill. Despite the forecast our only rain on the Saturday was after we reached the hut and during the evening. On Sunday there was a cold wind but no rain until we were back in the car for our return to Auckland. So we were blessed with good company and no rain while hiking.
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Paul lead a devotion "Fatherís Love Letter". This is a series of paraphrased Scripture verses in the form of a love letter from God our heavenly Dad.

Cost $38 (Travel $25, Food $5.50, Hut ticket $5.00, Fuel & Equipment levy $2.50)