Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The ABTC was very satisfied with their work day with one group of seven digging out ten significant pampas plants on the main track and another group of seven removing gorse which had become a problem on the direct route up the mountain. Four others who asked for a less arduous hike worked on gorse on the County Rd. There is now no pampas on the main track, the direct route is clear and County Rd is in good shape.

The leaders had done the usual reccy to plan work sites and then write to advise members of the required tools, and had spoken to six groups on the mountain and so our tracks are being used and our work appreciated. I met women from Canada and Italy, men from the Netherlands and South Africa so the tracks have wide application. They were surprised at the number of hikers using the direct route as it is not marked but many are going on one route and returning the other. Their reports were on the need for gorse clearance on the direct route and in future we are likely to need to remove small gorse on the three tracks referred to. Our usual review meeting in the evening confirmed that we were well satisfied with a most successful workday and we plan to work again on 21 March 2020.
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Most of the group stayed overnight at Nelsonís bach on Waihi Beach, and went to morning service at a local church and did a shorter walk on the Sunday before going home.

COST: Travel $35, Food $30.
Total volunteer hours 126.