Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Another very successful workday by twenty one enthusiastic trampers. Three groups were formed and with two each taking half of the mountain track principally taking out or back gorse and pampas.

The third group went along County Rd taking out pampas near the track. As always there are still plenty of gorse and pampas plants ready to sow seeds but our efforts are for the track to be clear and after previous major efforts we are often digging out smaller plants than before.  The Southern side of the mountain has lovely native bush and virtually weed free whereas the Northern side was cleared for mining more than one hundred years ago and the bared mountain left as waste land was invaded by invasive weeds. The Northern end of County Rd has been similarly affected but the Southern end and the Dubbo track to Dickies Flat is in attractive native bush with few weeds.  

The first and second groups achieved success with gorse and the first group regretted that it did not have spades to remove pampas and so pampas will be a one of the goals for our next work day. The County Rd has been cleared well on successive workdays and so it may need less attention in the short term and may be inspected with Dubbo 96 in future. Our part of the Kaimai Ridgeway Track is in good order and already popular with public. County Rd is also popular with cyclists.  Our work is valued and the KRT effective.

Volunteer hours by 21 workers [including travel time]:  150.
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