Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Five of us left Auckland on the Saturday morning at 8 a.m and after a coffee stop at Matamata, we drove down the Old Kaimai Rd to the start of the tramp.   We decided to go in reverse order to what had been planned, which meant walking along the road to begin with and coming out, after the tramp, where our car was parked, to get away earlier on the Sunday.   The track started with a few small ups and downs until we reached the west Henderson train line, which was basically flat for the rest of the tramp.   We had lunch at the North South junction, where we chatted to some SAR guys, who were doing a training exercise.   They told stories of frequent rescues in the area, even though the track is easy, and some people have been rescued more than once, sometimes just six months apart!  They also informed us of the importance of accurate information, as some people have given misinformation, making rescues more difficult.

The 4 bunk hut is maintained by the deerstalkers assn, and is very clean, tidy and well insulated.  After dropping off our packs, we did a quick 1km walk down stream to further along the Hurunui River, where the water was flowing only slightly faster than beside the hut.   We needed to boil the water at the hut, as although it was clean, it was almost at a standstill.  That night we had a reflection on how Manaakitanga (a way of being that is respectful and welcoming of each other, and nurturing relationships) closely resembles Jesusí model of how to live in relationship with each other.   On the Sunday the track was along the North Henderson Railway Line, crossing the very shallow river 3 times along the way.

Times: 2.5 hrs there, and 2 hrs back.
Cost: $24
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