Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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This trip was to have been in the Huia part of the Waitakere Ranges, but one of the tracks, Twin Peaks, had just been closed to deal with the worsening problem of kauri dieback.

The first tramp consisted of an alternative version of the Cossey-Massey Loop (Cossey Dam) avoiding the gorge which is still closed by slips (3 hours). There were good views of the Cossey reservoir and dam. After this we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine on the grass facing the Hunua Falls. After this we drove 10km south along Hunua Road: we encountered a hot afternoon sun on our second tramp which was the Suspension Bridge Loop (Wairoa Dam area) and this took 1.5 hours. The summit platform was blocked by surrounding tree growth but there were good view of the Wairoa reservoir before we descended to the dam.

On the way back from the tramp Barbara invited us to a wonderful afternoon tea (3.45pm) and part of the group partook in this time of fellowship.

COST: travel from The Bracken $10