Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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This trip featured a scenic reserve on the eastern outskirts of Howick.

34 people turned up on a hot sunny late-summer afternoon to walk the Mangemangeroa Reserve walkway from Somerville Rd carpark down to the coast at Shelly Park, and roadbashing back to the start.

We met at the carpark at 2pm, and after the intros and karakia and a group photo for the NZ Baptist newspaper, we set out 2:15pm dropping down through pasture and bush to Mangemangeroa Creek.

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The track followed an undulating course before climbing to a lookout where we had a panoramic view of the creek and farmland beyond.
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From there we dropped down and followed a boardwalk over the mudflats before coming to Shelly Park, our afternoon tea stop.
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Our devotions featured an acronym based on James 3:2-12, the Bible passage about being careful what comes out of our mouths in conversation with one another:
Mouth gives expression of our mind, usually not in line with what God wants
Others, how do we speak of them, and to them?
Using self-control, disciple, speak positively and encourage
Through the
Holy Spirit, we need Him to strengthen and help us in what we say
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We climbed the long staircase to Pohutukawa Ave before roadbashing back to Somerville Rd carpark, where we came out at 4:15pm to finish a lovely afternoon of fun, exercise and fellowship.