Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The group of 34 walkers gathered at 1.45pm at the car-park of Hobsonville Point Primary School Early Learning Centre on Bomb Point Ave to form a circle and each introduced their names to the group. With a brief introduction of the coast walkway we were about to take on and Barbara said a prayer giving thanks for the beautiful weather and the coming together of the group, the walk started with Hua leading the way, Carl at the middle and Barbara being the tail end charlie, we first walked past a play ground where we wondered at the sculptures built with sustainable materials dotted the ground, telling the story of the local orchard of apples, pawpaws etc. We walked across Buckley Ave onward to the first part of the walkway with the funky retirement village on our right. We walked along two long newly built bridges through the spot of wood where birds were chirping. Hua had at the beginning of the walk offered a prize for those who paid attention on the walk to listen to the bird singing and can identity two birds by their calls to get the prize at the devotions break. After meandering around the coastal line on the bridges while the traffic on the motorway could be heard amongst the birds call, the group came up onto the short walk along the street. The construction of the area had blocked off some part of the original coastal walkway. We saw on our right two huge hangars now converted to host the Yacht Building School/Enterprise before we veered left to go down the steps towards the wharf and the Sunday Farmer's Market which closed at 2:00 pm. The group went and sat on the benches in the shade on the pier, some began reading up with great interest about the history of the area displayed on the board on the sides of the pier.  We had an about 15 minutes break there to enjoy the sea breezes. Then the group got up to start walking towards Bomb Point Park. A loop extension to the loop coastal walkway. On this leg of the walk, we came upon firstly the barracks then the mount  where the artilleries were said to be stored. The mount hosts about 16 outlets - tunnel-like openings for the officers' movements in wartime.

Ten minutes later, we veered left again to walk towards Hobsonville Point Primary School. 5 minutes to the end of the walk, we came upon the Rifle Range on our right where the group stopped for a break and devotions by Jill. Apart from sharing what brought her to the faith and to becoming a Christian, some of us were particularly touched by one of the messages she also shared with us, it was from Hebrew 11.1: "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Let this message be remembered with this walk on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. And David K revived the prize of a dark chocolate- a mini dark Toblerone for the two birds he heard, though he was not the only one who could tell two birds calling on the walk.  

We came back to the car park at 3:55pm, 5 minutes short of two hours. Thanks to David W for the exact time we arrived back at our cars. When we had everyone back at the car park, we gave thanks to the participants for their walking safely back as a big group and to the leaders for their organization, to Jill for the devotions, for Ruth for taking the first aid kit and to God for the beautiful creation of nature and the of the fellowship we shared on the walk.
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