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Wet and miserable weather the previous day and overnight didnít stop our group of 10 from doing a walk around the Highbrook Park Walkway, it was sunny with a cold breeze for the whole time. We gathered at the carpark opposite 88 Highbrook Drive for our intros and prayer at 2pm, then set out northwards along the gravel path beside the Tamaki River, passing the Highbrook Watersports Centre. The path finished at the end of Waiouru Rd, and we walked down Business Parade North to come to our afternoon tea break spot.

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John gave the devotions about the sabbath. We need to leave our work alone for at least one day a week, because God rested on the seventh day after His creation, and we are made in His image. It was a move of God over the centuries to make Sunday, and even the whole weekend, a common sabbath to allow Christians to come together in worship and fellowship. The Pharisees accused Jesus for healing on thesabbath, but he replied that the sabbath was for man, not man for the sabbath. John told of a friend who worked continuously on his lawnmowing business all his waking hours, he literally worked himself to death. People who have to work on a weekend or Sunday have to take their work-free days sometime during the week. Benefits of taking 1-2 days off work each week Ė (1) it gives an opportunity to come together to worship God and have fellowship, such as church. Those who have to work on Sundays can go to a mid-week church homegroup. (2) we get the time to use the recreational interests that God has given us, such as walking, sports, arts, music, and so on (3) like our sleep, our bodies get recharged so that we can do a better job when returning to work.
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We carried on to the start of the gravel Highbrook walkway at the end of Underwood St, and went around a large stormwater pond. The path went on to a large area of open grass fields with some power pylons, overlooking the start of the Otara Creek. We crossed Highbrook Drive near the river bridge, and followed the Tamaki River for our final stretch back to the carpark, finishing at 4:30pm.

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COST: travel from The Bracken $5