Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Seventeen people turned up on a grey overcast afternoon to walk the Henderson Creek from Tui Glen to the northwestern motorway and return along the other side of the creek. We set out from Tui Glen carpark just after 2pm and followed the track along the true right, soon to cross the stream at Central Park Drive and come out below the Trusts Stadium.
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We had a break at the site of an old wharf, now done up as a wooden deck in the shape of a boat.
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From there we carried on past some rugby fields to come out on Central Park Drive. We carried on northwards to enter a walkway that crossed Henderson Creek alongside the northwestern motorway. The bridge was in the process of being widened, and the walkway ran between the motorway and the extensions.
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Once across, we followed the cycleway along the other side of the creek. When we reached a spot beside a yellow tree almost directly opposite the Trusts Stadium about 3:15pm we had our devotions break. Mary read from Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 there is a time and season for everything, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot. All the seasons with their differences and appearances are ordained by God, likewise with the seasons of our lives. For example, trees grow stronger during the cold winter season.
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We continued along the concrete cycleway and came out to the restored Tui Glen landing at 3:50pm to finish a lovely walk with views of the Henderson Creek at low tide.
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COST: $3 travel from The Bracken