Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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What a magnificent day six of us had walking the Northern section of the Hapuakohe Walkway. A glorious day, sunshine, a light breeze, a very different day to what had been less than a week earlier when  a wind of hurricane force had blown through. We walked on a track well marked with orange triangles and thickly carpeted with leaves, twigs and branches brought down by the storm, good for stopping the mud. We scrambled over fallen tree trucks and untangled ourselves from supplejack to be rewarded with magnificent, expansive views of the Hauraki Plains and the gulf, Mt Te Aroha  and the rugged Coromandel range on our left, the hills of the Waikato, Huntly power station and Lake Waikare  and beyond on our right. We admired huge old puriri trees and enjoyed watching and listening to tui, fantails, wood pigeons and grey warblers.

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Our walk had started from the end of North Road, just off State Highway 27 and 100m from the Ngatea turnoff on State Highway 2. We passed through a farm gate and an easy 15 minute walk along a farm road took us to a sharp right turn up a steep rise through a young pine plantation. At the top we climbed a stile to enter the native bush. We walked at a fairly fast pace to reach the first view point, 300m above sea level in just over an hour. A further hour of walking quickly, brought us to the second view point on a small clearing of bracken and grass on a knoll at 403m above sea level. Here we had lunch in the warm sunshine with the wonderful view before we retraced our steps back to our cars.
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Linda took the devotions based on Eddie Askew's prayer and meditation on Isaiah 11:1-9. Her golden retriever dog Bunce had just died. Reflecting on his loving, trusting, ever forgiving nature, she realised that we can learn valuable lessons about loving from observing animals - part of God's creation. Our Lord God is creator of all life and so life is to be valued and loved. Beware of stereotyping and making shallow judgments that create prejudice.
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Afternoon tea was really enjoyed in the Native Tree Nursery Café at the bottom of North Road.