Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Our group of 18 met in the car park on Mt. Richmond at 1.30pm. The day was a clear humid day. After introducing ourselves and Blessing to our afternoon, we walked up from to the water tank, around and back down to a volcanic blow out, through the bush where we skirted around the main blow out, then walked up to the top of Mt Richmond and down the track to the western road, which leads out onto Great South Rd.

From here we needed to walk along Great South Rd about 1.3 kms to Hamlins Hill, where we climbed up through the bush to a very clear viewing point looking around to Onehunga and Mangere Mountain, One tree hill, sky tower, Mt Wellington and out to the Manukau Heads. Walking across the fields with cows in, to the next viewing point, overlooking Sylvia Park and out to the East. From here we walked through another field with sheep, to a table form, a loo and work shed, where Sunny gave devotions, during our well earned break.

Sunny shared A Purpose Driven Life by Linda Lau. As a teenager Linda went to a church camp where she felt led to take up missionary service – go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them (Matthew 28:19). Over ten years later she still feels this calling in her heart. Throughout the years after that camp she pushed this aside burying it under the hustle and bustle of life. Last year was a year of transformation. Linda felt lost and overwhelmed by the excessive baggage in her life. She prayed to God to show her the way, wanting a purpose-driven life in Him. Hearing of an old schoolmate who took his own life weighted Linda’s heart, feeling devasted that the gospel never reached him. This gave her the guilt and wake-up call that people desperately need the Lord. Linda knows that God’s grace is sufficient, He will deliver from any hardship. She will continue to fall but God will always be there reaching out His hand to help her up. He told her “in this world you will have troubles, but take heart – I have overcome the world”.

From here we walked back to our cars. Distance 7.85km. Finished at 4.20pm.

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