Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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9 adults, 11 children and one dog set out from Huntley Rd playground, Campbell’s Bay towards Murray’s Bay. Although the Auckland Council website said that it was 5km each way, we concluded that it really was 5km return.

Some families were a little nervous about the intended distance, so we took a relaxed approach, and would have been happy to turn around at Mairangi Bay if people were getting tired. As it was very low tide, Paul and our 2 girls started turning over rocks to see if there were crabs underneath. There were a lot! Before long, all the children were completely engaged in finding as many sea creatures as they could, and had lots of fun doing so. After quite a while we continued walking mainly on the rocks to Murray’s Bay.

There we had a few snacks, and our devotions. Anne asked what the first book in the Bible is, and got the right answer. She shared Genesis 1:1 then verse 20 about God creating the sea creatures and birds. God is a wonderful creator and He likes it when we say “thank you” and appreciate His creation.

We returned via the cliff track to Mairangi Bay, paying a visit to the dairy for ice creams. Then back along the pipe to the cars. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and one visitor enquired about joining the club. Total time taken: 2 hours

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