Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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22 people came on our Fairy Falls walk on Sunday 12 April.  The carpark was known to be near-full on Sundays, after we had reccied the walk a few weeks ago, so we elected to limit the numbers to 30, and to insist on everyone car pooling.  As it was, most of us had to park on the road shoulder as the carpark was overflowing.

We met at the Scenic Drive carpark, and set off to the falls from here at 2.30pm.  The falls were reached in approx. 30 mins, down the steep  and extensively board-walked track.  The plan from here was to return to Scenic Drive via the Mountain Rd carpark and the Old Coach Road track, which offer a much gentler gradient over the longer return distance.  All but one of the group found this return climb fairly easy, and all of us had completed the walk by 5.00pm.  Total walk time 2.5 hours, including afternoon tea break.

There was a little boulder hopping required for two stream crossings below the falls, when taking this route.  We took the precaution of placing a gentleman mid-stream to assist the older walkers across and reduce the risk of a fall, which was appreciated.
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