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Base map extracted from NZ TopoOnline April 2007. Crown Copyright Reserved

For its April activity ABTC 1846 homegroup organised an afternoon tramp to the Fairy Falls in the Waitakere Ranges, always a popular Club trip with 32 people including a number of children showing up this time.

We left The Bracken at 1:30pm, the normal time for Sunday afternoon walks, and drove out to the Fairy Falls carpark on Scenic Drive. It was about 2:30pm when we set out along the well-formed metalled track through bush to the falls, taking about one hour.

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The Fairy Falls consists of a series of spectacular cascades, a great place to admire from the wooden staircases or from the rocky poolside.
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The lowest of these falls was the largest one, time for a brief break before carrying on our way.
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The track crossed the stream a couple of times, then crossed a spur to a small stream. Recent bad weather had eroded part of the track in one place, and we had the choice of dropping into the stream itself or chancing it on the slippery-looking track with no handholds and a surface so hard a leki pole could not dig into it.
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From there it was a steady climb with occasional views towards Henderson Valley and Auckland city to come out on Mountain Rd.
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After a short rest at the Mountain Rd carpark we followed the Old Coach Road, carrying on steadily uphill on a wide track to cross a driveway then level out. A ferocious and hungry dog was barking on an adjoining private property, but we were glad to see a wire netting fence alongside the track.
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We came out at the end of a short side road, and as we waited for the group to come together again, one of us rested on the ground for a few minutes, using her pack as a wentilillo.
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We continued through bush to come out on Scenic Drive, then back into the bush for the final five minutes. We were finished about 5:20pm, and we drove back into Auckland to enjoy a pot-luck dinner at Carole’s home in Onehunga, followed by slides of Lynley’s recent visit to Israel.
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COST: $5