Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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About 32 people showed up for the ABTC end of year BBQ at Murray and Cathie Black's home in Titirangi. We had a yummy pot-luck meal inside as the clouds were busy emptying themselves. Inspired by the games evening the previous Saturday night, Cathie led a game of balderdash where we broke into teams of 5 to guess the meanings of various unfamiliar words. The two winning teams each got a 6-pack of muesli bars.

Murray led an activity about Christmas cards, quoting scripture verses that can go on them, and inviting the teams to write on the blank balderdash cards a suitable message for a card that could be sent out to ABTC members. Suggestions included tramping in the path of the Three Wise Men, leading us to love by salvation, and GPS (God's Perfect Son) To The World.

To conclude the evening our president Barbara Langridge gave a vote of thanks to the hosts, everyone who led tramps this year, everyone who participated on our trips showing teamwork by pitching in, the ABTC exec and assistants, and God for His hand over our lives our Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince Of Peace. She quoted Max Lucado saying that if our greatest need had been information God would send an educator, (etc) but since our greatest need was forgiveness God sent us a Saviour. We were finished by 8:30pm while it was still light.
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