Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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We enjoyed a yummy pot-luck BBQ dinner and dessert. Ted Owens was about to turn 70, and we sang The Twelve Birds of Christmas before Ted cut the cake. An Ice Breaker quiz had been handed out before the meal, and the answers were read out, relating to aspects of the club. We grouped into three tables to think up some Christmas songs and sing a few lines in turn, the group who sang the most number of songs won some sparkling angels. Then we had a proper acappella sing of Mary's Boy Child and Joy To The World.

To conclude the formal time after some notices, Barbara presented devotions about ladders that we sometimes see on the track. The only way to climb a ladder is step by step, and when a ladder is high it is hard work to climb it. We also use ladders for such things as trimming hedges, changing a light bulb, and house painting. In life there are ladders, such as those of achievement and self-improvement. Christmas relates to a ladder the other way around - God sent Jesus down the ladder from heaven to earth to live amongst us. He was born in a stable and lived in the real world. Jesus was a refugee, His parents had to flee to Egypt. He gave His life so that we may live. Jesus enables us to climb the ladder of life, to help us over the steps. We were finished by 8pm.

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