Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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A group of 21 people met at leaders Bryan and Joanne’s in Conifer Grove at 1:30pm, and drove to the south end of the Wairoa River Track section of the Te Araroa Trail on the Cosseys Creek Road. We set out at 2:05pm, dropping steeply down a series of steps, and continuing through bush to come to a pine plantation. Here the bush track gave way to a wide vehicle track as we climbed on a more gentle slope, before descending to come to the Wairoa River.
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There was half an hour of easy walking beside the river to come to the end of McNicol Rd. We arrived at 3:25pm and had our afternoon tea stop beside the lovely river.
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At 3:40pm we returned the way we came, taking just one hour to get back to the cars just before a shower of light rain came on.

We returned to Bryan and Joanne’s for the end-of-year BBQ. The meat was barbied outside, but we had our pot-luck meal in the lounge out of the intermittent rain. A total of 27 people attended the barbie.  
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Ali began our formal time at 7:40pm with a Christmas quiz game, testing our knowledge of festive season trivia and the words of various carols. This was followed by devotions, with Phillip kicking off. He said that although the Old Testament predicted the birth of Christ, it did not mention the Star of Bethlehem. The presence of the star so far away shows how big God is. A study of the world and creation shows there has to be a Creator. And this almighty Creator God came down into the world that night. It is hard to understand how a virgin could bear a baby, but God sent His Son to generate love, and this is how we can enjoy Christmas. Paul read the well-known passage from Isaiah 9 beginning with For unto us a child is born, and said that God sent His Son to live a perfect life, and then die for our sins because He loves us. The formal part finished about 8:30pm with a short time of prayer, and general notices about the Club.
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DISTANCE: 8.16km