Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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On the Saturday 19 walkers (14 members of the public, one organiser, and 4 guides) met at the Karangahake Hall at 9:30am in preparation for this yearís ECHO walk to the summit of Mt Karangahake. This is the 20th anniversary of ECHO (Enjoying Connecting Hills and Oceans) leading walks over a two week period each year in the Coromandel region. This year, as co-leaders, Tina Chen and Ann Vukojevich led the planned summit climb of Karangahake. The day was overcast but the walkers were in good spirits. The pace was faster than some of us would have liked but everyone was able to make their way to either the Communications Tower near the summit, or the summit itself. During the climb showers blew on through, making the view of/from the summit very moody. Partway through the descent, Ann was able to share some stories of recent track maintenance that the ABTC has been part of. The walkers were interested in this information and she was given a round of applause.

The 4 guides from ABTC enjoyed the opportunity to stay at Nelsonís Waihi Beach bach. We, once again, were welcomed at the local church for their Sunday morning service celebrating Palm Sunday as we begin Holy Week. The beautiful sunny afternoon lent itself very nicely to a stroll along the beach for two of the group, while the remaining two returned to Auckland after the church service.

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