Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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On a beautiful autumn day seventeen members set off to explore the Duder Regional Park. The farm loop track began with a steep climb to look out over Umupuia Beach. The views of rolling hills and blue, blue waters of the Hauraki Gulf were amazing.

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We headed down to Sandy Bay to relax under a spreading Puhutukawa tree and have morning tea. Then back up to the top of the hill, to venture down the 'yellow' sustainability track. The area is fenced off to keep farm animals out. A shady oasis with wetlands and bush to enjoy. We came out on the other side of the valley where the sheep were grazing. We noticed that they gathered together looking for shade under the trees.
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For our devotions Barbara talked about sheep farming in NZ. In 2020 there were 26m sheep compared to 5m people. Many of the sheep farms are in the high country stations in the Sth Island. In Biblical times sheep were cared for in small herds by one shepherd who lead them to green pasture and protected them from danger. The sheep knew the shepherd's voice. In John 10 : 14- 16 Jesus says "I am the Good Shepherd". He wants us (his sheep) to follow him and hear his voice. At the finish one of the group mentioned Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd.
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After sitting in the shade we walked all the way to the old Pa site at the end of the peninsula looking out to the islands. After lunch we made our way back to where we had started, via the path leading past the nesting area.
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We were back at the carpark as early as 1pm, after seeing a group of horses and their riders go past. There was a stop at Clevedon for icecreams, one had to pay for their icecream first before ordering their wanted flavours, then collect it through a small window from outside, a measure adopted to avoid crowding in Covid times. Distance 7.9km.

COST: carpooling from The Bracken $11