Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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A total of 22 people took the opportunity to explore some of the familiar features of Auckland Domain as well as some hidden secrets of this well-known park. We gathered inside the atrium entrance of the Auckland Museum at 2pm for our intros and karakia before heading out towards the Wintergardens.
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Before we went into the Wintergardens we had a look at the Millennium Tree, a sculpture that was presented to the people of Auckland by the Chinese community in November 2005. One of us did a scout good turn by pulling out a few tiny weeds at the base of the sculpture.
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The Wintergardens housed an array of flowering plans of all sorts, giving a springtime appearance on this midwinter day, hence the name of the place. There was also a display of cactus plants of all shapes and sizes.
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The goldfish pool between the Wintergardens and the Tropical House is always a delight.
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We went into the Tropical House to see tropical plants on display. This building is kept at a high temperature and humidity to allow such plants to grow, as they could not survive in Aucklandís outdoors. The variety, design and intricate patterns on the plants in these two buildings is overwhelming evidence that an almighty Creator made these.
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The Fernz Fernery was also a must to see, with its vast collection of ferns. And there were one or two stinging-nettle plants to keep the butterflies happy.
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We went on to walk around the famous duckponds before going down Centennial Track to Stanley St.
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From there we went up the Lovers Walk through bush, following a stream to come to a delightful little waterfall.
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We then went into the Formal Gardens, and sadly found the delightful pond garden had been emptied. However the Valkyrie Fountain made for an interesting stop.
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Some of the group went off home when we reached the railway underbridge at 3:50pm, while the rest of us went on up to Parnell Village to finish an interesting afternoon of discovery with a visit to a coffee shop.
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COST: travel from The Bracken $1
DISTANCE: 4.8km (museum to Parnell shops)