Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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A group of 34 people met at Pohutukawa Drivecarpark in Cornwall Park to walk the perimeter track. After gathering in a circle as usual for the intros and prayer we set out at 2:25pm to do this in the anticlockwise direction. Cornwall Park is a working farm with sheep and cattle, so our whole walk was on pasture, with many staircases to climb over fences. We went down towards the Green Lane Hospital then along the western boundary. In one place the track went alongside Olive Grove, the driveway through the park from our carpark to Manukau Rd. Further on we crossed Olive Grove and carried on to cross Grand Drive, the Campbell Rd exit of the park. There were brown cows to see with their calves, and we came across several black sheep with their lambs as we followed the southeast side. We were going to have our afternoon tea break at some small outcrops of rock, but a shower of rain suddenly came on. Getting out umbrellas and donning coats, we pressed on and had our break in the shelter of the rotunda on the east side of the park.

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Our devotions were about prayer, from an article in a church magazine. Sunny read out the first two paragraphs, then John read out the remainder. Prayer is a privilege, we have the privilege to communicate with God as we worry, asking for help in times of trouble. He gives answers, cares for us and has a plan. Prayer is praise, we are to thank and praise Him for everything, it is our duty to glorify Him in everything we do. Prayer is provision, the power to provide anything if we have the faith hope and trust in Godís timing that He will give only the best. Instances of prayer are found throughout the Bible, it is full of stories about what prayer can do.

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We carried on with no more rain to bother us, going along the northeast perimeter with more lambs to see, to return to Pohutukawa Drive, finishing at 4:25pm. Distance 5.2km.

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