Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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21 of us met at Onehunga reserve/car park and started walking at 8.30 am. Carl Yang led the group, with Kim Jones as the co-leader and tail end Charlie. We are pleasantly surprised by the beautiful purple blooms of the Jacaranda trees on the roads as we headed into Jellicoe Park through the memorial arches. Nelson sighted a stray shopping trolley on the way to Royal Oak and set an exemplary role model by pushing it back to Pak n Save. Heather followed his example and pushed another stray shopping trolley. We continued our walk into One Tree Hill domain. An executive decision was made and the group was split into two with some going to the cafe, while the others went up the Maungakiekie summit for a stunning 360deg views of Auckland, and managed to join the second group for ice creams before making our way to Mt Eden where we stopped for lunch enjoying the stunning views. We could see One Tree Hill and Onehunga Harbour in the distance. Nelson shared devotions on Volcanoes and encouraged us to be "salt flavouring and examples of beauty and peace."

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After lunch, we continued to Outhwaite Park and then the Auckland Domain. We could see the setup stage/food stalls etc for Christmas in the Park tonight. We were impressed with the beautiful blooms in the Winter Gardens, an opportunity for more photos. Finally we walked through K Rd and deviated from the Auckland Council Coast to Coast Walkway by walking through the pink path (Te Ara I Whiti/ The Lightpath) through to Myers Park and Queen St. A few decided to take the bus while 8 people took the train back to Onehunga. Those on the bus arrived back at 4.25pm with the rest arriving shortly after.

It was a long walk about 19km but we were so blessed with the cool weather with some sunshine and couple of short showers.

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