Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Eight of us met at Onehunga Reserve at 10:15 before catching the train to Britomart. At Britomart we were joined by five others.

We then set off to walk back to Onehunga. There was a relatively slow start as we discovered some new facilities to the east of Britomart. Alongside these buildings were some open Market stores which tempted us with their delicious food products which were on sale

Then it was off to the domain where we stopped for a snack. A few of us enjoyed coffee and tea from the wintergarden cafe. Just as Mark was about to finish a sandwich a passing duck snatched it out of his hands.

We journeyed onto Mt Eden and climbed to the summit. We then descended into Owens Road and walked to Melville Park. Some of us stopped to talk to a group of people enjoying a game of croquet.

Leaving Melville Park we headed to Cornwall Park, there the group split into two. One group headed for the Kiosk to enjoy icecreams. Another group decided to climb to the summit of what was One Tree Hill where they enjoyed majestic 360 degree views of Auckland.

We reunited at the Manukau Road entrance to Cornwall Park. From where we made our way back to Onehunga Reserve.

The entire journey lasted about six and a quarter hours. Despite the cloudy conditions, or maybe because of them some of us got a tad sunburnt. But judging by the expressions of congratulations at the end we all enjoyed the day and the achievement of walking from Coast to Coast.
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