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Base map extracted from NZ TopoOnline March 2008. Crown Copyright Reserved

21 people turned up on a balmy autumn afternoon for a climb up to the Clevedon Reserve summit, with the promise of some “mystery challenges”. We left The Bracken at 1:30pm and met up with the rest of the group at Camp Sladdin, the scout camp at the entrance of the reserve.

After the usual intros and karakia we set out entering the bush and beginning the steady climb up a well-formed and stepped track to the summit, with a short group-up stop halfway there.

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We reached the viewing platform at the summit and were rewarded with views towards Auckland, Ardmore, the Hunua Ranges, Kawakawa Bay and Ponui Island. The Sky Tower was visible on the horizon.
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We were also rewarded with devotions relating to the trig and views. Peter Y said that on any tramp we need to satisfy our practical requirements such as map, compass and first aid kit, so that we can enjoy the walk and the high points. The same applies in our Christian walk - if we walk in the conditions of Scripture God will guide and satisfy us, and keep us healthy (Isaiah 58:11). Peter presented an acrostic TRIG - at the Trig we benefit from great views, we are Refreshed as we reflect and look at the surrounding environment, and are Inspired as we have had Grace, guidance and gratitude on the track there. Maybe every day God will provide a trig for us to enjoy (Isaiah 58:14). Every little thing can be a miracle in itself.
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Peter then revealed what the promised mystery challenges would be. Gary, a trained St John ambulance officer, would set up two first-aid scenarios during our descent along a different track, using two members of our group as patients.

Four of us were picked out to take the lead as we carried on with our tramping, and watch out for a casualty who had fallen off the track, then attend to her.  Near the bottom of the hill there she was, lying on the ground with a sore head and unable to move her right leg. We applied the ABC of first aid, checking that her Airway was clear, that she was Breathing, and still had her Circulation and not bleeding. We then bound the leg in a splint using two walking poles strapped with bandages, a raincoat and pack liner to stop it from moving. It is important to check the patient, obtain their medical history if possible, and make them stable and comfortable before calling emergency
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We continued to the junction at the bottom of the hill, then went along a boardwalk to a lovely little waterfall at the end. Our second casualty was hurt so badly she could not walk, and needed to be carried out. Our challenge was to carry the patient out in relays, allowing as many of us as possible to have a practise at doing this. Some of us remembered the fireman’s chair lift from scouts, guides or something similar - this is where two people cross hands to form a seat for the casualty to sit on, hanging on to the people’s shoulders with their arms. Some of us got into pairs to perform this technique to carry the patient to the end of the boardwalk.
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It was only a couple of minutes back to Camp Sladdin, where Gary demonstrated how a normal-sized bath towel could easily absorb one litre of water, or blood from a wounded patient, as well as a couple of other first aid techniques.
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Some of us went to the Clevedon Hotel afterwards to buy takeaways, but found that the pub would not serve meals till 6pm. Rather than wait a whole hour we decided to go to a sit-down fish-and-chips shop, where we enjoyed a meal to cap off a lovely, inspirational  and informative afternoon.
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COST: $7