Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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20 people came along for a walk through Centennial Park in Campbells Bay. We set out from East Coast Rd opposite Greville Reserve at 2:25pm and after passing a small golf practice area we entered the native bush to follow Mamaku Track. Soon we came to a concrete pill box from World War II. We carried on to Park Rise and Tree Fern Trail, a mixture of native bush, residential back streets and the edge of the golf course. In one of the backyards we could see some fancy ornaments including one made out of fancy cups and saucers.
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We had our break at 3:30pm on the Magnolia Walk, where Christine presented our devotions. Referring to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and how they survived the fierce furnace for bowing down to God instead of Nebuchadnezzar's idol, she said that God's creation which we see on our walks usually follows predictable patterns. However He is still God and has the power to do things differently. Nebuchadnezzar expected to see the three men burning to death, but was surprised to see them dancing around unscathed. He chose to protect those three men, and every now and then He likes to surprise us.
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We carried on along Avenue of Remembrance, Walking Bus Track and Kohekohe Track to rejoin Mamaku Track and come out to East Coast Rd at 4:30pm. Nine of us went to Ted and Christine’s nearby for afternoon tea afterwards.

COST: Travel from The Bracken $4