Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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13 people turned up for a tramp through the reserves near Chelsea in Birkenhead. Two car loads left The Bracken at 1:30pm to meet up with the others at the Birkenhead Primary School carpark at Highbury. Before we set out on the walk Ted showed us the garden the teachers and students had been making at the school.
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We walked down Porritt Ave and into the Chatswood Reserve to walk upstream through the native bush and look at some kauri trees.
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We then carried on downstream to come out near the Chelsea sugar works.
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After a short break we went through the Kauri Point Centennial Park for our afternoon tea break at Kendall Bay, where we could look out across to central Auckland.
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We returned to the sugar works and into the new Chelsea Reserve, taking a break at a large sculpture.
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A final grunt up Huka Rd brought us back to our starting point to conclude a lovely afternoon’s walking.

COST: $1-50.