Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Our three day ABTC Easter 2023 tramp on the Kaiwhakauka (15.7km) and Mangapurua (24.6km) Tracks took us from Whakahoro Campsite through the Whanganui National Park to the Mangapurua landings on the Whanganui River. The impressive waterfalls on the side streams, the panoramic views from the Mangapurua Trig (661m) across to Taranaki in the west and Tongariro in the east, the mature and regenerating forest we passed through, the spectacular bluffs that had been carved out by the rivers and streams and the significant history and heritage that we saw and learned about related to the Bridge to Nowhere made this an interesting and worthwhile tramp. The camping and lunch stops were varied and pleasant and were all linked to farming homestead sites from the 1920’s. The jet boat ride to take us back to the road at Pipiriki was a highlight that was all the more special as we shared it with the eight day-walkers who met us for morning tea on the Bridge to Nowhere. It was interesting to observe the cyclists who shared the tracks (Mountains to Sea – Ng? Ara T?hono) and the canoeists who shared the River (Whanganui Journey Great Walk). However, our tramping allowed us to make connections with the land, the forest and the river that we hadn’t experienced before and our group worked together to make it a really worthwhile and enjoyable tramp and an opportunity to make the historic walk to an iconic site – leader Murray would encourage and recommend more Club members to tramp this route!

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