Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Easter Daywalkers did an awesome job of walking the Old Coach Rd (the old link road that joined the two uncompleted halves of the main trunk line, before 1908) and the walk to Waitonga falls. Based in a rather rickety cottage in Horopito, we enjoyed great meals, cosy evenings by a roaring fire - thank you Sheryl! - and an ongoing card game of Five Crowns. I'm so impressed with the stamina and positivity of this amazing group of women, not to mention their capacity for indulging in an enormous Ohakune chocolate eclair!

Over the three days we thought about how Jesus expects us to fail, trains us for it, yet promises mercy and forgiveness. Michelle spoke about getting back up when we're knocked down in life. And on Sunday morning we examined the lyrics of the hymn "Up from the grave He arose" then stood and sang it triumphantly in the Easter sunshine.

On Monday morning we zoomed up the impressive Wanganui River to meet our 4 trampers on the Bridge to Nowhere.

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