Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Our group of 9 (7 members plus 2 friends) gathered at the Information Centre of the Botanic Gardens at 1.45pm, after introducing ourselves and a prayer, we headed off along the edible garden and through the rose garden to the entrance of the walk at 2 pm. We chose to walk the waterfall walk and turned right along the Lookout Walk which cut short the stream walk by almost 30 minutes. The track was well maintained. Beautiful trees defined the path. A fantail friendly hopped in front of the group, chirping along.  We missed the view at the lookout as the turnoff to the lookout was closed off, perhaps due to the recent rainfall in the area. From there, we went up and down the wooden stairs all the way to Friends Track. Here there was a test of the leaders map-reading skills. We turned left (in stead of right) to keep the stream on our left same as in the map! Then Beaufords Track. Climbed up the head of the loop to return to Puhinui Stream Forest Trail track.

At about 3pm, we arrived at the recreation centre area where seats were dryish under the tall tree. The group stopped for a break. Lucy did the devotions reading out a personal story written by a young Christian about her/his experience of having faith in God, and giving up all personal concerns to God's care, and not relying on personal judgement of one's capacity in life situations. Lucy gave thanks for the good weather and fellowship on the walk, echoing Barbara's prayer at the beginning for good weather and good fellowship.

At 3.50 we were out of the trail walk, and returned to the ground of the Botanic Gardens. The walk took us 2 hours. Thanks for the good weather and for the help from Barbara and our youngest member Tom who reads the map as an experienced tramper.
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