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Joy and Hua took a group of 31 on a tour of some of Avondale's heritage sites. We began at 2pm with St Ninian's church, the oldest building in Avondale dating from 1860. After having a look at the gravestones in the churchyard we crossed the road to the Hollywood Cinema which was completed in 1924. Next to the cinema is the original town hall building, moved from the site of the cinema before its construction.
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We walked up St Jude St and had a look at St Jude's Church, Avondale's second oldest church completed in 1884.
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From there we went to the nearby railway station and on to the Avondale Primary School which was opened in 1882. We had been handed brochures on Avondale Te Whau Heritage Walks, and we were able to see what the original school looked like before it was demolished in the early 1970s to make way for its present buildings.
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From there we went to the Bluck Building near the top of Rosebank Rd. This place built in 1915 is now a sewing machine shop. Just down the road from there is the Station Store with its gable roof, and a black-and-white painted mural depicting Avondale in the days of trams.
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We went back down Rosebank Rd and on to Tait Park, where we saw another painted mural of several scenes of old Avondale outside the Avondale Rest Home and Hospital. From there we went to the end of Elm St to view the Avondale Raceourse, then along Racecourse Parade to a reserve with a children's educational traffic roundabout and basketball courts to come out to the Avondale Spider for our break at 3:45pm. Joy gave a brief comment on community, on how we have communities such as families. In the community church situation we have a passion to know God in a greater way because of Jesus. Our belief in this club as Christians is Jesus Christ the Son of God who came to show us His way.
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From here it was a short walk back to the starting point to conclude a very interesting walk.

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