Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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There was a good turnout of 40 people at the AGM dinner held at the Carey Baptist College in Penrose. To save costs and dishwashing clatter the dinner was part catered and part potluck – we were asked to bring a vegie or salad dish, bringing the cost down to only $10.

We began with drinks and nibbles from 5pm, then sat down to dinner at 5:30pm. Chicken was served at the servery, and we helped ourselves to salads that we had brought along. Afterwards we had a dessert of apple and rhubarb crumble, icecream and whipped cream.

We remained in the dining room for the whole evening. John had brought the Club albums for 2022 and 2023, and these got browsed by many of us there. The remaining copies of the ABTC anniversary book were on sale, members being invited to buy a copy for their church library as a form of publicity for the club.

Bryan Schroeder then introduced the guest speakers, Ruth Cordey, Conservation Ranger, and Willow van Heugten, Auckland Council contractor, who gave a fascinating account, illustrated with slides, of the Hunua Kokako Recovery Project. Starting when the population was down to 5 pairs, with just 1 breeding female, in 1994, thanks to the efforts of volunteers and DoC, focusing on a small part of the Hunuas, by setting up an extensive network of traps and bait stations, by Dec. last year, the population had reached 229 pairs in the Kokako Management Area + a further 30 in Piggot’s bush, a remarkable turnaround. Her talk included a (loud) recording of kokako ‘song’. The project is now looking forward to giving back by translocating kokako to other areas. Ways to get involved are to spread the word, and join the regular working bees.

After a 5 minute break we began our AGM. Barbara Langridge, Vice-President, opened the meeting with prayer, noted that today was the one year anniversary of David Kilgour’s death, and then showed, on her phone, a video that club president Murray Black had sent of his and Cathie’s holiday in Europe.

The annual reports of each of the club’s portfolios were presented and adopted. The Exec members for 2023-34 were elected by confidence vote:
Murray Black - President
Barbara Langridge - Vice-President
David Rutherfurd - Treasurer
Jocelyn Brodie - Secretary
Tina Chen
Roger Donnell
John McCarthy
Barbara Steel
Paul Ungemuth
David Walker

The exec members came to the front to be prayed for by Phillip Norton. Barbara closed the meeting with a reflection. We are thankful for our faith in Christ uniting and inspiring us to achieve what the club has done, and will be doing. We engaged in travelling, worshipping and working together. Each one of us has different gifts, and we are to continue to use our gifts to support and serve one another, and carry on with the work of the club. We said aloud together the old hymn How Good Is The God We Adore.

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