Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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We gathered in the Whare Kai of Carey Baptist College from 5pm for mix ‘n’ mingle drinks ‘n’ nibbles, and sat down for our dinner about 5:45pm. A great time to catch up with one another and enjoy the yummy cuisine of Loaves and Fishes served up by Jill Walker and Cathie Black. There was a total of 54 people.

Afterwards we went into the college chapel for our AGM. Ian Marshall began with devotions in line with the analogy of Life being a Journey. Confiding in others in the face of challenges can be a humbling experience, where we make ourselves vulnerable before others, and an enriching experience at the same time as we share life’s difficult moments and learn how valuable it is to have others walk alongside us at such times. How can we offer ourselves to others in this way? The Lord himself is the overcomer, having walked his own journey on earth – we can turn to Him in difficult times and know that He understands and can bring reassurance. What a friend we have in Jesus.

Paul and Ruth Ungemuth shared a fascinating photo presentation with us from their adventures in the Canadian Rockies. Murray Black, in his role as Training Coordinator, took us through a training quiz which was a fun way to connect lots of people with the Club’s procedures.

We had our election of officers and committee for the next 12 months.
Office Holders:  Barbara Langridge (President)
                         Paul Ungemuth (Vice President)
                         Barbara Steel (Treasurer)
                         Jocelyn Brodie (Secretary)
Executive: John McCarthy, David Walker, Murray Black, Tina Chen, Roger Donnell, Mark Paynter, David Rutherfurd.
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