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Base map: NZTopoOnline, extracted May 2005, Crown Copyright Reserved  

This trip was the experience of a tremendous Wonderland and the great challenge of sharing. The group left Auckland on Friday night 22nd April about 6pm. In travelling 11 people went in the van while 3 people travelled in 2 cars. We arrived in Matamata about 8pm for some hearty take aways then travelled onto the Rotorua Baptist Church to have a cuppa and kippa about 10pm. Travelling was excellent and good time was made allowing for everyone to get a good rest..


The team, from the good rest on the wentilillos, was enabled to get up to a hearty porridge breakfast to obtain an early start for the bushwalk.

The day was great and fine when we got to the visitor center about 11.00am to begin our adventure. The group was split into two, with the longer loop walk led by Peter O and the shorter direct track to Sandy Bay Hut led by Val to enjoy the different paths and their associated landscapes.

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Val’s group got to the hut about 4.30pm and Peter’s about 5pm to relax around the lake and enjoy fellowship around a hearty meal with all the trimmings. After the meal a few campaigned with the card game of 500 and a good challenge was held. 12 stayed in the hut while Peter and Val tented out.


Prior going to the Kaipo Lagoon. we had a great devotion from Linda about being still before God to enable refreshment and calmness in the storms of life. Through our being still in God and listening this is a great strength. During the devotions the air became cooler but following it we all began our walk to Kaipo Lagoon. On our walking to the lagoon and for the rest of the day this became a magical and special experience in which we all experienced “Waikareiti Wonderland!” the falling of snow without strong winds. The environment became still and majestic with the falling of snow on the forestry canopy and the lower ferns.
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During this event 6 of the group Barbara, Ruth, Peter, Paul, Gary and Peter travelled to Pukepuke the high ridge 1235m. What a great experience for all on board.
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That afternoon David Kilgour experienced a leg injury but from the great team of bushwalkers, David was rested and cared for. During the night those who tempted to go outside experienced more snow.
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The team walked out while the kindness of other bushwalkers was experienced with some of them rowing David to the shelter. With the generosity of these people and Gary’s first aid expertise David was helped out. During this day everyone walked through the Waikareiti Wonderland with the white forests and silver ferns what a joy and experience, then to come out where our vehicles were to have a table lunch in the sun. David shared devotions about the Lord helping us in the storms and Jesus calming the storm.
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This was a memorable trip with all to tell a tale of the Waikareiti Wonderland. The challenge - God will speak to each of us through experiencing his environment. Cherish His speaking to us while achieving these great challenges. The challenge will be different to each of us on these trips.  

We left the visitor centre at about 1pm stopping at Matamata for refreshment at 5pm. Following this we travelled to Auckland in an expansive moonlight evening reflecting on the events that occurred at Waikareiti Wonderland arriving in Auckland about 8pm.

Cost: $101