Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Base map: NZTopoOnline, extracted February 2005, Crown Copyright Reserved  

The first Sunday afternoon trip for the year was a tramp with a difference. Instead of meeting at The Bracken, we all met at chez Paul in St Johns, with our picnic lunches. 31 people came along.

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About 1:30pm we set out for the Waiatarua Reserve and stopped for our picnic lunch near the southern side of the reserve.
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Afterwards we continued on through the vast reserve of pasture and wetland to come out on Grand Drive near the junction with Abbots Way.
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A short roadbash, and crossing the playing fields of Liston Park, brought us to Michaels Ave Reserve where we stopped to admire the lovely wetland ponds.
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We carried on, following a path around the reserve’s playing fields to the YMCA.
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Some children who were on the walk had to try out the various fitness trail equipment along the way.
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Beyond the YMCA we came to the other side of the wetland pond, and stopped to admire the prolific birdlife - heaps of ducks, a few swans, and a number of pukekos.
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We returned to Waiatarua Reserve, and stopped at a viewing platform built out into the main wetland pond.
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Our host Paul extended his hospitality with afternoon tea once we were back at his home just after 4pm, bringing to a close a lovely afternoon out in warm and calm weather.
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