Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Base map: NZTopoOnline, extracted May 2004, Crown Copyright Reserved  

Leaders had the difficult decision to cancel the Karamu tramp after winds of 60kmph were predicted and this track follows a ridge and through exposed country. There was some disappointment and six decided to go to Te Aroha for a sheltered walk and worthwhile exercise followed by the ususal comforting and cleansing hot spa. We checked with Terry, our man on the ground, and he had run part way up the mountain that morning in reasonable conditions. We left the domain in light rain and we were sheltered enough by the bush that we did not need raincoats on the ascent. In just over two hours we had achieved our objective and we had lunch at the summit. The wind was unpleasant in the open and so we remained in shelter choosing to wear raincoats for the quick descent to the hot pool. Everyone voted it a worthwhile day with a feeling of achievement.

COST: travel $8; hot pools $6