Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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Base map: NZTopoOnline, extracted May 2004, Crown Copyright Reserved  

There were 12 people on the trip. We met at Sullivans Bay and from here took the track up to Tungutu Pt lookout. This is a grass farm road which branches off the Mita Bay track a short distance from the first stile. It is marked on the ARC brochure but is not signposted on the ground. It leads up to the ridge road above the Bay, & thence to Tungutu Pt lookout.

The morning cleared to a beautiful fine autumn day & we had great views from the point. Then we took the Mita Bay loop track up the road & down the gravel track to Mita Bay & headed up the beach to Opahi Pt. There were fig trees at Mita Bay with ripe figs on them & many of us had our first taste of figs ‘au natural’, thanks to the expertise of Peter O’Gorman who knew what to do with them.

Our route then took us south around the foreshore below Tungutu Pt. This is a bit bouldery in places and slow going for some people. However, it was easily passable at half tide with room to spare. Back at Sullivans Bay, we had morning tea at the carpark, where we ran into Barbara Langridge’s group on their way out to Saddle Island by boat as part of Barbara's birthday celebrations.

From here we took the grass cliff-top track to Cudlip Pt. There is a pa site at the point, but the look-out marked on the map is overgrown and not much good. Then we dropped down to the Te Muri estuary which is croosed easily at mid to low tide.

We detoured to the historic cemetery for a look & then had lunch at the beach. Our time of devotions was inspired by readings in a book "Holiness" by JC Ryle, and also by the visit to the historic Te Muri cemetery, which would set people thinking about the fact that our time is short. We fight the good fight because: (1) It is fought under the finest of Captains. (2) It is fought with the greatest of helpers. (3) The stakes are so high. The fight is outward, our struggle to serve God. John Wesley's tireless example was cited here. It is also inward, as we struggle with the world, the flesh & the devil. No-one os exempt from it. We read from CS Lewis "Mere Christianity" (chapter 9) at this point, which described God's dealing with us, using the metaphor of a house for the soul. At first the new convert understands what God is doing, fixing up things here and there, like the roof and the drains. This is accepted, because the person knew those things needed fixing anyway. But later on, God starts knocking the house about and doing things to it that the person doesn't understand, because God has plans that the person doesn't know about, and starts knocking down walls and adding bits on. We all thought we could be a cosy little cottage somewhere and be at peace, but God wants to turn us into a palace so He can come & live in it. Rose then shared about a group member's father who had died recently, and the blessedness of a life lived for God, and not being ashamed when we go to meet the Lord.

The keener members then did a rough route around Te Muri Pt, which overlooks the Puhoi River estuary and Wenderholm to the south. Te Muri Point itself is overgrown and the lookout is long gone, but the ridge above the Puhoi estuary provided some good views in places.

This was an easy day, & the total walking time was only about 3 to 4 hours. We spent some time relaxing at Te Muri beach, and then returned slowly to Sullivans Bay for afternoon tea, arriving back about 2.30pm. No-one wanted to go home, and 4 of us went in for a swim. We sun-bathed and lingered at the beach until about 4.00.

The trip is probably a bit short for a full day tramp, but would be good if combined with a BBQ or social occasion at Sullivans Bay.