Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The final Club Silver Jubilee event for the year was originally to have been a Country Fair, but as the recent Bush Ball had been modified to resemble such a fair, it was decided to hold a Festive Fare progressive dinner instead, with a distinctive Christmas flavour, at three homes on the North Shore.

We gathered at the home of Max and Judy in Glenfield at 6pm for our pre-dinner drinks and nibbles.
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An hour later we were headed 10km northwards chez Ted and Marge in Albany for the main course, a delicious smorgasbord of all sorts of meats and salads, including BBQ bangers and steaks. We sang For Life and Health, but Christmasacised the grace by singing For Christmas time and all things good we praise Thy name O Lord in the second line.
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We gathered around the piano (and the fire - it was not a hot summer night by any means!), at which Jill was playing alongside Roger with his guitar, to sing favourite traditional Christmas carols including Silent Night, The First Noel and Come All Ye Faithful. Halfway through our singsong Rogerís brother and Club president Phillip gave a devotional reflection in which prophesies such as found in Isaiah and other parts of the Old Testament of the Bible about the coming of Christ pointed to both comings of Jesus - the first coming about 2000 years ago as a baby to die on the cross for us all, and the second coming, which is yet to come, where He will return as a king. Phillip put on a CD of For Unto Us A Child Is Born from Handelís Messiah, then wrapped up the devotions by mentioning five Dís about Jesus Christ (1) His name is Wonderful ....  Jesus takes care of lifeís DULLNESS, making everything wonderful, (2) ... Counsellor ....  He has the wisdom we need to make the right DECISIONS, (3) ..... The Mighty God .....   He takes care of the DEMANDS of life, giving us strength to cope with them,  (4) .... Everlasting Father ....  He brings a new DIMENSION to our lives,  (5) .... Prince Of Peace.  He takes care of the DISTURBANCES of life, giving us inner peace.
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Back in the cars again, we went across to Windsor Park in the pouring rain for dessert at our final port of call, chez Gillian. We enjoyed traditional plum pudding with custard and icecream, then gathered around for Christmas presents. Each of us had been asked to bring a cheap pressie wrapped in silver paper, and these were placed beneath the Christmas tree. We each chose a present and opened them - but we were not allowed to keep what we had opened. Instead we took turns at throwing a dice and if the dice showed 5 that person could swap his present with any other in the room. The one present that attracted the most envy in this manner was a silver-coloured plastic lunch box, this changed hands a dozen or more times easily, with almost the boisterousness of a rugby scrum! The lunch box finished up with Gill, who proudly christened it one week later in the Hunua Ranges.
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We were all headed homewards by 10:30pm having had a lovely time of fellowship to wind up the Club year.

COSTS: $13-50