Auckland Baptist Tramping Club

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The annual mid winter dinner and AGM is always a well attended event, and this year was no exception with a turnout of 46 people at the St. George's Church hall in Epsom. Our guest speaker was John Sumich, who is involved with a conservation project in the Waitakere Ranges known as "Ark in the Park".  

The evening began with the customary mix and mingle at 6 pm. over drinks, chips and dip. We sat down at 6:30pm to a delicious buffet meal provided by Robbie, a caterer.  

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Afterwards Judy introduced our guest speaker told us about the park in the park project and showed us slides about it. John told us that the Waitakere Ranges is covered in regenerating native forest, and the project was involving the setting up of an mainland island of about 1600-1700 hectares. This particular area of bush near theCascades, is  being cleared of predators such as possums so that endangered native birds could reestablish themselves. The more of these safe havens that these birds can go to, the more the birds will perpetuate.
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Nelson gave the vote of thanks saying he had tramped so many times in the Waitakere Ranges without realising all the conservation work is being done in there.

After a short break we went into our AGM. The entire previous executive, including the four offices and seven committee members, was re-elected unopposed.

We made some amendments to a couple of the club rules. The effects of these amendments would allow married couples without children to take out a family membership, ban the use of drugs other than prescription drugs for medical purposes on club trips, and allow the use of radios and audiovisual equipment on club trips except while actually tramping and staying at camp sites and back country huts.  

Phillip then told us the latest updates on the club trip to the South Island at Christmas, and the Clubís 25th anniversary celebrations in 2004, before concluding the evening with a short devotion about the countryside we enjoy being Godís creation.  We sang the old Sunday school hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful before Phillip finished with a prayer.  

COST: $25