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43 people showed up for a magic carpet trip to Chatham Islands and on to the Dolomites in Europe without the need for passports, smilecovers and borders sealed up thanks to Covid.

After Barbara Langridge opened with prayer we zoomed on our magic carpet to the Chatham Islands to join her and Murray Black to go around this place with their group that included Cathie Black, Joy Whitehead, Peter York and Marian and David Kilgour. Barbara and Murray, wearing engraved name badges they had been given on the tour, gave an interesting presentation that described the history, natural history, geology, fossils, volcanic features, sand dunes, stone buildings, beaches, animals, birds, and plant life.

Our supper break included pizzas as well as cake slices, a fee of $4 each covered the cost of these plus venue hire.

Alan and Joy Milne took us back two years to their trip July-August 2019 through the Dolomites in Europe, going through Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. We had a look at the geology and history, the name Dolomites comes from the predominant rock dolomite, named after an 18th century French geologist Deodat de Dolomieu. Our trek with Alan and Joy included impressive mountains, rock formations, forests, mountain lakes, nice hotels, wildflowers, and rainbows, a great way to explore this part of Europe.
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